PM Tracker is the fastest and best way to track your periodic maintenance.

Why use PM Tracker for your organization?

Regular care and preventive, periodic maintenance of your tech equipment is the #1 key to ensure a long life cycle.


View your entire equipment list and maintenance needs on one screen.


Need access for different team members? PM Tracker can be accessed by your whole team.

Responsive Design

Access PM Tracker on your mobile device or tablet for easy, on-demand management.


Don't be caught during a service or program with the lights out. PM Tracker makes sure your equipment is operating at optimum performance.

Quick Response

Need a new lamp, fixture or even expendables like gaff tape? E2i Design can fulfill those requests to make sure you have what you need every weekend.

Customer Support

Have a question? Need help or assistance? No problem, the professionals at E2i Design have got you covered.

Why You Should Use PM Tracker

Just like you wouldn't (or shouldn't) ignore regular maintenance for your car, you also must maintain proper records and maintenance for your technology equipment. Every fixture, lamp or other hardware has so many performance hours. If you're like us, you used an Excel spreadsheet to be sure you stayed on top of the maintenance needs of all your equipment. With PM Tracker, preventive maintenance is quick, easy and could potentially save you thousands of dollars.

Meet The Crazy Guys That Put This Thing Together

This list of guys below each serve as designers and technology experts for E2i Design, but even more important is that they have each held a role on a technology team where they've had to implement these very practices. This PM Tracker tool was made for tech guys by tech guys.

Josh Holowicki
Founder, E2i Design
Evan Hamilton
Ideator, PM Tracker
Kyle Russelburg
Technical Ministry Advisor & Designer
Scott Hill
Code Wizard

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